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Your commitment to ACTIVE enables us to produce incomparable legal and policy analysis. These white papers and commentary will shape the development of EU-wide policy.


is pleased to announce the release of its

“CBD in Europe” Report

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This Guide :

  • Demystifies the hemp plant and its usages

  • Provides a picture of the current legal landscape, identifying emerging trends

  • Presents short case studies from several EU countries

  • Details the latest global economic and policy trends that are providing new impetus for CBD reform in Europe

  • Makes key recommendations for policy-makers

  • Highlights the ongoing and future initiatives of the most forward-thinking policy-makers and entrepreneurs across Europe

Download our first white paper

with Allen & Overy on “Hemp-Derived Products — The urgent need for a specific and coherent regulation in France and in Europe”. (in french)

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What you’ll find :

  • an overview of the CBD industry value chain from the hemp flower to the final consumer

  • a review of the status of the law and the regulatory landscape around CBD in France and in the European Union

  • the exclusive testimonies of key players in French politics—MP Jean-Baptiste Moreau and MP Ludovic Mendes from the leading French political movement “En Marche”.

  • a mapping of the opportunities and challenges for wellbeing hemp-derived products in France and in Europe

  • 3 recommendations that are politically deliverable

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